Coolinato glass lid 20cm

27,99 €
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The COOLINATO glass lid 20cm has a high-quality finish, the handles do not get hot during cooking and the taste and aroma remain in the food!

GLASS LID: Cook particularly tasty meals at lower temperatures. Thanks to the lid, you can bring rice, vegetables, meat or pasta to the table quickly and hot.

SAFE: Thanks to the silicone handle, the handle on the lid does not get hot and is ovenproof up to 250°C. As the glass lid is particularly temperature-resistant, there is no need for a steam hole.

PANS AND POTS: The COOLINATO lid fits on pans, pots and even woks. The glass allows you to monitor the food during preparation and prevent it from boiling over.

MATERIAL: All materials used on the lid are food-safe. The heat-resistant special glass makes the glass lid particularly resistant to knocks and temperature shocks.

UNIVERSAL LID: We offer the right lid for every pot! Our glass lids are available in the practical sizes 20 cm, 24 cm, 26 cm and 28 cm.

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Coolinato glass lid 20cm
27,99 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

Coolinato glass lid with handle, universal lid for pots, pans, heat-resistant lid, replacement lid made of round glass

It's easy for a lid to break, or your pans didn't have a suitable lid when you bought them. With our glass lid, you get a high-quality universal lid that fits pots, pans and even woks. The practical kitchen helper reduces the cooking time as a suitable lid. This means you can prepare food at a lower temperature and save electricity. This not only saves you time, but also money and protects the environment.

Thanks to the silicone handle, the lid sits securely in the hand and does not get hot. This makes it particularly safe to use and the glass lid is ovenproof up to 250°C. The quality of our glass lid is characterized by its high-quality workmanship. As the special glass used is very robust, impact-resistant and particularly temperature-resistant, the lid does not need a steam hole. The material can even withstand high temperatures without cracking or breaking. The lid also sits particularly evenly. This allows you to prepare aromatic dishes with little fat, as the aromas cannot escape so easily.

The food is also particularly juicy, as the liquid it contains does not evaporate to the same extent as when cooking without a lid. At Coolinato, we offer you a large selection of different kitchen gadgets that are versatile and practical and impress with their design and quality. Even if you are not a chef, you are sure to conjure up great dishes with our little helpers.

Our practical glass replacement lids are available in the following sizes:

20 cm

24 cm

26 cm

28 cm